Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scouts Standard : Advanced Drills

You will need to master to execute as a squad these following commands.

1) Ke-Kanan Lu-rus - meaning Right dress.
2) Keluar Baris - meaning Come out of squad.
3) Besu-rai - meaning Come out of contingent (End of assembly).
4) Sizing up command (broken into parts for learning purposes).

1)The following video below shows the " Ke-Kanan Lu-rus command" and "Keluar Baris command" as given by SPL Marcus Tan(2010).

Command : Squad watch your front, sedi-a!

Timer : Check! (Bang)

Command:Squad Ke-Kanan Lu-rus!

Timer: Up (Tilt head to right) Check! (Bang) 5,4,3,2,1 Skuad Diam!

Command : Pandang ke-hadapan pan-dang!

Timer: Up (head face front again).

Command :Skuad Ke-luar baris!

Timer: Turn check bang check left right left Oneida!

2)The following second video shows the "Bersurai" command.

Command : Squad watch your front se-dia!

Timer : Check Bang!

Command : Skuad Bersu-rai!

Timer : Turn Check Bang Check Up check down check

left right left Oneida!

3) This third video is part (1) of the sizing up command.

Command: Squad watch your front Se-dia!

Timer : Check! (Bang)

Command : Yang tinggi kekanan rendah kekiri dalam satu barisan pa-ras!

Timer : Turn Check Bang Check left right left Oneida!

(Arrange from shortest on the left and tallest on the right)

Timer : 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 squad diam!

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