Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scouts Standard : Footdrills (1)

For Scouts Standard you will need to master the following Stationary Drills ,Commands and Timing.

1) Skuad Sedia - meaning Squad attention.
2) Senang diri - meaning Stand at ease.
3) Rehatkan diri - meaning Stand easy.

4) Skuad Ke-kanan Pu-sing - meaning Squad turn to face right.
5) Skuad Ke-kiri Pu - sing - meaning Squad turn to face left.
6) Skuad Ke-belakang Pu-sing - meaning Squad turn to face back. (turn from right hand side)

Here are the following videos for the commands as given by
Scouts SPL Martin Lim (2008-2009) for his friend from NCDCC Staff SGT Amos.
Practice it at home following the commands from the video.

1) Command : Skuad Sedia. Timer : Check! (Bang)
2) Command : Skuad Ke-kiri Pu-sing. Timer : Turn Check! (Bang)
3) Command : Skuad Ke-kanan Pu-sing. Timer : Turn Check! (Bang)
4) Command : Skuad Ke-Belakang Pu-sing. Timer : Turn Check! (Bang)
5) Command : Skuad Senang di-ri. Timer : Check! (Bang)

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